The 6AM Club & Success Before Breakfast

I’ve been trying recently (without much luck) to become a member of the 6AM Club, which meets most weekdays at my apartment. Usually it’s just my boyfriend and his Jambox, but that’s not to say big thinkers won’t be stopping for french pressed Zeke’s and plain oatmeal.

I recently read the quick tome by Laura Vanderkam, What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast. As a long time advocate of sleep, I’m trying to convince myself that the 6AM Club is where it’s at, but I’ve had a rough go of things so far. Continue reading

(Re)Introducing Sweet Lemon Magazine

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Earlier this month Sweet Lemon Magazine underwent a huge makeover – a new look, new staff, and a slew of new contributors (including yours truly) to provide Gen-Y women with smart, timely editorial on a daily basis, branching away from the monthly magazine/blog feel. Written “by and for the Jane-of-all-trades,” new content areas range from fashion & beauty to news & technology to culture & travel, so there’s really something for all tastes and interests.
Continue reading

How To Make Your Own Favorite Meatloaf

meatloaf recipe, best meatloaf, how to make meatloaf

Dear god do I hate meatloaf. I find the whole concept incredibly repulsive, especially that terrible, barbaric name – meatloaf, gag. And no, please don’t try to reason with me. I hate your meatloaf, I hate your mom’s meatloaf, I hate my mom’s meatloaf, but I must say I’m truly starting to love my meatloaf.

My meatloaf is what I like to call a “Choose Your Own Adventure” recipe, the kind of recipe whose end result, good and/or bad, is truly up to you. I love Choose Your Own Adventure recipes because they allow you to grow as a cook and afford you the opportunity to learn to love recipes you once hated. By tweaking the seasoning, add-ins or milk-to-bread ratio, you too can learn to love a meatloaf. Imagine that.

So, you may be wondering, where exactly do I begin this adventure?

Well, I’m so glad you asked! Read on to find a list of things you might want to put in your very own meatloaf. Continue reading

A Midwestern New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve in the Midwest can be rough. It’s cold, slushy and lacks adequate public transportation, which kind of puts a damper on, well, everything. Party hopping, wearing cute shoes, and leaving your coat at home are not advised, but here are some New Year’s traditions a Midwestern girl can get excited for no matter what the weather is outside… Continue reading