How to Avoid Becoming the Christmas Ham: Staying Fit for the Holidays

The election is over (like, over over), which means the holiday season is officially upon us. So if you’re anything like me, between the stress, the peppermint schnapps and a general level of inactivity due to it being dark all the time, extra pounds will be creeping up on you like electoral votes on Obama. Chances are, you’re going to need a little extra motivation to avoid resembling the Christmas ham, and I’ve found a few things to do just that.

SlimKicker is a brand new, gamified fitness + nutrition tracker that turns fitness into a fun game. Each time you log your morning run or what you had for lunch, you get points to “level up”. SlimKicker’s nutrition tracker lets you know when you’re reaching your daily limit, and what I  really enjoy about it is that they break down what you’ve eaten into carbs, sugars, etc. so you can see what you need to cut back on to reach or maintain your fitness goals (of course, like all calorie counters, it’s a bit challenging to track what you eat if you make most of your own meals). You can set goals and rewards for yourself once you reach a specific level, and you can participate in various challenges to gain extra points. The last challenge I completed was the 7 day “Squat Everyday Challenge”, but there are challenges for all types of goals from “No Snacks After Dinner” to “Exercise Before Facebook”. SlimKicker is something I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a new way to stay on track.

So maybe I’m a little late to the game, but I have just fallen in love with Blogilates! Don’t get me wrong, I hate working out, especially when it comes to toning and strength training, but the way Cassey Ho (Blogilates creator) choreographs killer ab routines to music I’ve had impromptu dance parties to, somehow she makes it feel kinda like fun to be sweating and grunting on your living room floor. Her words of wisdom: “Train like a beast, look like a beauty”. To that I would like to add, “And eat all the freaking stuffing you want because you just did 1000 crunches this morning”.

Mmkay, to say you aren’t at least mildly interested in doing these workout videos would be lying. I don’t really know anyone on this planet who would be bummed out if they looked like a VS Angel. Check out the #TrainLikeAnAngel app on Facebook to get weekly workout videos featuring all your favorite Victoria’s Secret models and their trainers, and to feel like you should probably be walking in the VS Fashion Show after you’ve completed them. There’s just something about tweeting “yeah, just finished an awesome arm workout with Candice… #TrainLikeAnAngel”.

Skinny Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies
You’re obviously going to need a reward for all of your hard work and dedication, so how about these decadent and gooey peanut butter brownies (and I’m sorry, a newly minted six-pack just doesn’t scream “good job” to me like chocolate does). I found them on Sally’s Baking Addiction & they’re actually as delicious as she says they are. Super easy to make, and they won’t totally erase all the progress you’ve made busting your butt with Blogilates and the Angels. Find the recipe here.

How do you keep things under control during the holiday season? Share your wisdom in the comments below!

*I was asked to review the SlimKicker website by SlimKicker PR, but my thoughts and opinions are all my own!


2 thoughts on “How to Avoid Becoming the Christmas Ham: Staying Fit for the Holidays”

  1. i am SO happy you liked the brownies. 🙂 They are so easy, you are right – I need to make them again this weekend. I love them so much! 🙂

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